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Get Object(s)

Get Object

You can query object(s) by calling the get method. It runs the query defined by the query modifiers and returns matching objects array.

  • Applicable query modifiers
    ✓ filter
    ✓ limit
    ✓ lookup
    ✓ omit
    ✓ page
    ✓ sort
//Gets the first 100 orders with basket size greater than $50 and
//having more than 3 items and sorts them by descending orderDate

await altogic.db
.filter("totalAmount > 50 && totalQuantity > 3")
.sort("orderDate", "desc")
Example response
"data": [
"_id": "62363dad1182562412d85b9b",
"totalAmount": 299,
"totalQuantity": 5,
"orderDate": "2022-02-10T12:30:00.000Z",
"orderStatus": "completed"
"_id": "62285add2243324542d25f34",
"totalAmount": 129,
"totalQuantity": 4,
"orderDate": "2022-02-05T03:30:00.000Z",
"orderStatus": "completed"
"errors": null


Here you can find parameters for the get method.



Data type



1returnCountInfobooleanNoFlag to specify whether to return the count and pagination information such as total number of objects matched, page number and page size.
By default returnCountInfo=false.

It returns the array of objects matching the query. If returnCountInfo=true, returns an object which includes count information and list of matched objects.


If the client library key is set to enforce session, an active user session is required (e.g., user needs to be logged in) to call this method.