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Altogic backend as a service platform allows you to create and start running your backend apps in minutes. With your backend apps, you can manage your application data in a database, cache your data in memory, execute database transactions to ensure data integrity, run complex business logic through synchronous and asynchronous services, manage user sessions, schedule jobs to be executed at a specific time or interval, send and receive realtime messages through websockets and more.

This documentation contains everything you need to know about creating and running your backend apps.

Quick introduction

How the documentation is organized

Altogic backend as a service platform has a lot of features. This section provides an overview of how the documentation is organized.

  • Key concepts - Explanations of the platform's essential concepts, such as snapshots, models, services, and environments.
  • Platform capabilities - Detailed description of what you can do with the Altogic platform and key capabilities you can leverage while developing your backend applications.
  • Guides - Detailed guidelines on creating, deploying, running, monitoring, managing, and testing your backend applications.
  • Team management - Information on the collaborative application development in Altogic platform and how to manage different roles, assign roles to team members, and access to platform logs (audit trails) for changes
  • Account management - Covers profile management and billing topics
  • References - Provides detailed information about core service nodes and expression functions