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The preferences view provides quick access to customize the behavior of Altogic to fit your needs. You can easily access your user preferences from the right toolbar via the designer by clicking the sliders button.

Through the preference panel, you can customize the following parameters:

  • Show left navigation panel - Shot/hide the left navigation panel.
  • Default view - When you open the designer, this setting directs you to the selected view first.
  • Sort lists - The default sorting order applied to a list of objects (e.g., models, fields, services).
  • Auto-redeploy changes to non-production environments - When you change models (services, message queues, tasks, or endpoints), changes will be automatically redeployed to all non-production deployed environments of the snapshot if this option is enabled.
  • Navigate to newly created object - When you create a new object (e.g., app, model, field, or service), you will be directed to the details of the newly created object if this option is enabled.
  • Dark theme - Changes the appearance of Altogic.