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Creating a new endpoint

Endpoints are the communication channels to access the services provided in your application snapshots. In Altogic, you create endpoints to expose your application services to the outside world.

To create an endpoint via the Designer, you need to navigate the Endpoints view in designer and either select + or New endpoint.

Endpoints view in designer

To create a new endpoint via the Designer:

  1. Select New endpoint
  2. In the endpoint name, provide a name to your new endpoint and select the endpoint group. Next, specify the endpoint method and path and select the routed service called when a request is sent to this endpoint. Next, enable/disable the endpoint, specify whether the API key is required to run the service associated with this endpoint, and specify whether the endpoint will require a session token or not. Finally, specify the access groups for endpoint authorization.
  3. If needed select the rate limiter that will be appled to this endpoint and used to put a cap on how often this endpoint can be called.
  4. Select Create

You can specify id parameters in your endpoints' paths. Just add them in curly brackets. The id keys specified in curly brackets are passed to the routed service as "id" input parameters that you can use in your service nodes.

In the below example, we provided two id parameters; the first one is named userId, which specifies the unique user identifier. The second id parameter is called addressId, which specifies the unique address identifier.