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Managing API keys

Usually, API keys are required to run exposed services of your application through endpoints. API keys are associated with environments, and each environment can have many API keys. To manage API keys via the Designer, you need to navigate the Environments view in designer and select the environment to manage its API keys.

Environment details view

Creating a new API key

To create a new API key via the Designer:

  1. Select New API key
  2. In the API key name, please provide a name to your new key, select its access right type, and set its expiration date
  3. Select Create

To protect your application, Altogic only allows consumers of your application services (e.g., frontend app, other backend apps) to use "Authorized Domains". Your application endpoints must be called from Authorized Domains.

When creating an API key you can also specify the list of authorized domains that the API key and eventually your app endpoints can be called from.

Suspending an API key

Sometimes, you may temporarily suspend the API key so that any requests made to your application's endpoints with the key are blocked and not executed.

To suspend an API key via the Designer:

  1. Find the key that you will be suspending
  2. Next to the left of the API key name, select the API key menu
  3. From the popup menu, select Suspend API key

You can also reactive a suspended API key. Just find the suspended API key, select its menu and select Reactivate API key.

Deleting an API key

If you need to delete an API key, follow the steps in Suspending an API key, and as the last step, select Delete API Key. Deleting an API key will invalidate all requests made using that key.