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Creating an environment

Altogic runs your applications in environments. To run your application, you need to have an environment ready and deploy one of the snapshots (version) of your application to this environment. To create an environment via the Designer, you need to navigate the Environments view in designer and either select + or New environment.

Environments view

Each environment has a pricing plan. You can create maximum 2 free environments in Altogic and these free environments have limitations in terms of max number of requets processed per day and month, database size, storage size etc. For detailed information about each environment pricing plan, please refer to Pricing section in Altogic website.

To create a new environment via the Designer:

  1. Select New environment
  2. In the environment name, provide a name to your new environment, if needed set its subdomain and select the environment region and pricing plan.
  3. Select Create

An environment is bound to a geographic location (e.g., US Central, Germany, Singapore). Therefore, when you create an environment for your app and deploy a snapshot, service requests to that specific app snapshot will be routed only to datacenters in the environment's geographic location.