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Designer layout

Altogic Designer is the core visual development tool you use to design, develop and deploy your backend applications. The designer layout and key elements are shown below.

Designer Layout
  1. Left toolbar - This is the main navigation menu, where you switch from one view to another or from one visual tool to another.
  2. Left panel - Depending on the view (e.g., model view, service view), this panel provides quick access data to navigate the respective view easily.
  3. Content area - This is the area where the main content of the view is displayed.
  4. Right toolbar - Secondary menu provides access to view specific data and designer preferences and links to help, community portal, and feedback form.
  5. Header - Provides type and name information about the entity in the content area. You can also access notifications and environments from the header.
  6. Footer - Displays information on the currently viewed application and the snapshot. You can also switch to another snapshot from this footer.

Please note that if you are working in a team setting, depending on the authorization rights of your role, the views and functionality accessible to you might change.