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Managing team roles

Altogic allows collaborative application development with role-based access controls. You can add team members to applications with specific roles. Altogic provides built-in roles such as owner, admin, member and guest that can be used when adding new team members. You can also define custom roles with different permissions and assign these custom roles to your team members.

Creating custom roles and updating permissions

To create a new role or update a custom role via the Designer, you need to navigate the App settings and then to Team roles view.

Team roles view

In the team roles view:

  1. Select New role.
  2. In the role name, provide a role name to your new role, add descriptive information about this role and select one of the existing models to copy the role permission.
  3. Select Create.
Create role dialog

After creating your new role, you can customize its permissions. Select the new role you have just created, edit its permissions and select Save changes to apply your updates. In the example below, we disable create, update and delete model permissions of the new role.

Managing user assignments to a role

After creating your new role, you can assign users to it. To assign users to the new role:

  1. From the team roles view, select the role you would like to assign team members.
  2. In the role details view, select the menu button, and from the dropdown menu, select Assign members.
  3. In assign team members to role dialog, select team members and select Assign.

There can be only one owner role for an application, and usually, the application creator has the owner role unless the application ownership has been transferred to another team member. You cannot assign other team members to the owner role. The only way to change ownership of an application is to transfer it to some other team member.

Moving all members of a role to another role

When team members are assigned to a role, you cannot delete the role until you move all assigned team members to other roles. Therefore, if you need to change the role of team members assigned to one particular role to another one, you need to move them to the new role.

To assign team members assigned to a particular role to a new role:

  1. From the team roles view, select the role you would like to move all its team members.
  2. Select the menu button in the role details view, and select Move all members from the dropdown menu.
  3. In move members to a new role dialog, select the new role and select Assign.