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Managing buckets

In Altogic, you store your files, documents, images etc. under buckets, which are the basic containers that hold your application data. You typically create a bucket and upload files/objects to this bucket.

When you deploy your app to an environment Altogic creates a default bucket called root. The root bucket helps you to group your app files that are not under any other bucket. Any file upload, which does not specify a bucket, is uploaded to the root bucket.

You cannot rename or delete root bucket, but you can empty its contents and change its default privacy setting. By default the files contained in root bucket is publicly accessible through their URLs. You can change the default privacy setting of the root bucket using the Maket Bucket Private or Make Bucket Public nodes.

You can use the Create Bucket to create a new bucket, Delete Bucket to delete a bucket and its contents, Rename Bucket to change the name of a bucket, Empty Bucket to delete the contents of the bucket but keep the bucket intact node to create a new bucket.