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Managing cache

The cache manager provides simple key-value storage at a high-speed data storage layer (Redis), speeding up the data set and get operations using the Navigator.

The values stored can be a single JSON object, an array of objects, or primitive values (e.g., numbers, text, boolean). Values can be stored with an optional time-to-live (TTL) to expire entries automatically.

Create cache

From the left panel of the Navigator, please select the cache section. To create cached data, click create button on the right corner. Define a key, determine expiry time and enter your data.

Edit cache

To edit cached data, click the edit button on the row you want to edit. Now you can edit the key name, expiry time or cached data. If any expiry time is not selected, the navigator assigns no expiry by default.

Delete cache

To delete cached data, click delete button on the row you want to delete and confirm deletion.