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Managing cloud storage

Everything that you store in your app storage must be contained in a bucket. Buckets are the basic containers that hold your application data (i.e., files). You can create, edit, edit visibility, delete or delete all files in the buckets using the Navigator.

Create bucket

From the left panel of the Navigator, please select the cloud storage section. To create a bucket, click the new button on the right corner. Give a name, specify whether this bucket is public or private and determine the tags you want. After these changes, approve them for creating a bucket.

Edit bucket

To edit a bucket, double-click on the field you want to edit. After the changes, approve them for saving.

Bucket visibility

To change the visibility of a bucket, double-click the isPublic field on the row and turn that true or false and approve the change.

Delete all files in the bucket

To delete all files in the bucket, select the empty button on the row and approve.

Delete bucket

To delete a bucket, select the trash button on the row and approve.


Also, for deleting a bucket, you can choose the buckets with the checkboxes on the left side. Click the selecteds button on the right top corner and select the delete selecteds option.