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App deployments

Altogic allows you to easily create as many application environments as you need. An environment is bound to a geographic location (e.g., US Central, Germany, Singapore). When you create an environment for your app and deploy a snapshot, service requests to that specific app snapshot will be routed only to datacenters in the environment's geographic location.

In Altogic, you can deploy/redeploy a snapshot to an environment and, if needed, undeploy it from an environment in seconds. You can choose to delete all application data during undeployment or keep the data intact and deploy a newer version of the snapshot to continue using existing data. Additionally you can switch the snapshot of an environment to a different one with minimal interruption, this is quite handy if you would like to update your production snapshot with a new version.

With auto-redeployment option enabled, your snapshot changes can be automatically redeployed to the deployed environments, excluding the production environment, in near-real time.