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Asynchronous services and scheduled jobs

Asynchronous services

Asynchronous services are modeled using message queues in Altogic. These services are called from a parent service that does not need to wait for a response from the asynchronous services. The primary purpose of asynchronous services is to offload heavy computations from the parent service so that the parent service can return a response to the client faster and eventually improve response time.

With Altogic, you can create message queues and route messages sent to the message queues to their respective asynchronous service for processing. You can also delay submitted message exection by specified duration (e.g., minutes, hours, days)

Scheduled jobs

A modern backend application does not just expose RESTFul APIs called by clients but also provides internally triggered services. Altogic uses tasks (scheduled jobs) to internally trigger service executions that ran periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals.

With Altogic, you can create tasks and ran associated services according to the specified schedule.