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Endpoint access management

In a nutshell, Altogic exposes the endpoints of your applications to external parties. Allowing only authorized parties to use your endpoint services is critical to ensure the integrity of your applications. Below is the list of endpoint access management capabilities of Altogic that you can use in your applications.

  • Each endpoint can be protected with an API key. Therefore, the external party needs to have a valid API key to call your endpoint services. For each API key, you can also specify whether the API key can be used from a list of authorized domains or not.
  • Each endpoint can also be protected by a session token. If the endpoint is marked as session required, the calling party also needs to provide a session token besides the API key.
  • Access groups can also be used to set granular endpoint access rights for individual users
  • Each endpoint can also have its on rate limiter which puts a cap on how often someone can call the endpoint