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Nodes marketplace for 3rd party APIs

In Altogic, all business logic is modeled in services primarily consists of nodes and relations between these nodes. Nodes are used to perform actions such as saving or modifying data in the database, and relations are used to orchestrate data flow between nodes.

There are 3 types of nodes that you can use in your services:

  • Core nodes - Built-in nodes developed by the Altogic team.
  • Custom nodes - Custom RESTful API nodes designed by users and can only be used in their apps. These nodes are not publicly available unless the node is submitted to the nodes marketplace by the owner.
  • Marketplace nodes - RESTful API nodes from 3rd parties. Altogic platform users submit nodes to the marketplace, and after a formal evaluation process, they are published in the marketplace and publicly available to Altogic users.

There is no limit on the number of nodes that are available in the marketplace. As long as a 3rd party RESTful API can be modeled as a custom node, it can also be submitted to the marketplace.

The Altogic team also maintains a subset of frequently used marketplace nodes and periodically adds new ones. With the marketplace nodes, you can send emails, SMS messages, push notifications, process payments and subscriptions, send data to analytics or customer management platforms, etc. Below are some of the 3rd parties that you can use their APIs in your service designs.