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Quick start

The Altogic app development platform allows your to create your backend apps in minutes. This quick start guide explains how to get started with app development as quickly as possible.

Step #1: Create your app workspace

The Designer is where you can create, manage, and deploy your apps. To create an app via the Designer:

  1. Log in to Altogic with your credentials.
  2. Select New app.
  3. In the App name field, enter a name for the app. If needed, change the subdomain of the default environment which will be automatically created.
  4. In the Execution environment region field, select a region for the app and finally select the pricing plan of the environment.
  5. Select Create.
  6. Click/tap on the newly created app to launch the designer

Step #2: Build your data model

The next step is to define the data model of your application.

Step #3: Create your application endpoints and services

Following the data model creation, the next step is to create the endpoints and associated services to access and modify the data.

Step #4: Create your environment and deploy your app

After completing your application data model, service, and endpoint designs, the next step is to create the execution environment and deployment of your app to this environment.

After deploying your application to its execution environment, you can start sending requests to your app's endpoints from your app's frontend or other applications.

Step #5: Test your application and connect it to your front-end application

The final step is to test your application services and connect your back-end to your front-end application.


If you have questions about our platform, need help creating your app, or have something to share, reach out to our discord community, join forum discussions or reach out to support.