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Run JavaScript Code

Runs the specified JavaScript code. If successful, it triggers the output object which holds the value returned by the custom code; otherwise triggers errors.

Multi input​​✔️
Multi output​​❌

‌No fixed input link points, all inputs are dynamic.

outputvalueOutput object(s)
errorslistErrors occurred during node execution


JavaScript coderequiredThe JavaScript code to execute in a sandboxed environment. Return either a JSON object or an array of objects. If nothing returned, an empty JSON object will be returned as output.
Return value model definitionrequiredThe model definition of the code execution return value.
Return value modelrequiredThe model of the code execution return value.
Return value model typerequiredThe JS code execution return value object model type..
Error managementrequiredError handler type of processing errors raised by this node, either automatically or manually.