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Submit Message to Queue

Submits a message to the selected queue for asynchronous processing. It runs when all the input link points are active and after successful submission of the message activates the trigger output link point.

Multi input​​✔️
Multi output​​❌

‌No fixed input link points, all inputs are dynamic.

triggertriggerTrigger of the node
errorslistErrors occurred during node execution


Message queuerequiredThe message queue where the message will be submitted to.
Input mappingrequiredMapping of the input link points of the node to the body contents of the message that will be submitted to the queue.
Message delayoptionalKeeps the message in the queue for the duration of specified delay amount.
Unit of delayoptionalThe unit of delay that will be applied to the specified delay amount. If "No delay" selected, the message delay expression will be ignored.
Error managementrequiredError handler type of processing errors raised by this node, either automatically or manually.