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Tester layout

Altogic Tester is the visual testing tool you use to test and validate endpoints, message queue services, and task services of your backend applications. Tester significantly accelerates input data entry for your tests since it automatically populates all required input data elements. The Tester layout and key elements are shown below.

Tester Layout
  1. Left panel - This panel provides quick access data to navigate the list of endpoints, message queues, and tasks to test easily.
  2. Content area - This is the area where the main content of the view is displayed. This part of the layout displays input parameters of the test, and if the test is conducted, the test results.
  3. Right toolbar - This menu provides access to view user preferences and links to help, community portal, and feedback form.
  4. Header - Provides type and name information about open test sessions and enables you to work on multiple tests simultaneously. You can also access notifications and environments from the header.
  5. Footer - Displays information on the currently tested application.

You can work on multiple test sessions simultaneously. Tester automatically saves your test input parameters and test results.

To work on multiple test sessions, select the item you would like to test from the left panel and click on the Pin icon of the test session on the header. Repeat these steps until you pinned all your required test sessions.