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Testing message queue services

Message queues allow different parts of your application to communicate and perform activities asynchronously. To test a message queue via the Tester, you need to navigate the Tester.

Step #1 - Select the message queue that you would like to test

From the left panel of the Tester, please select the message queue that you would like to test.


If the selected message queue does not have a routed service, you will receive a warning message stating that you cannot test the selected queue. Message queues should have a valid routed service so that you can test them.

Step #2 - Specify the message body parameters

At this step, you need to define the parameters of the message that will be submitted to the message queue for processing.

In the below example, we send an email validation code to the user's email during a sign-up process. This email is sent using a message queue, and the message body has just one user data part. In this example, we also send only the required user data to send the email message and ignore the rest.


Please refer to customizing start nodes to learn more about setting up input parameters for message queue services in Altogic.

Step #3 - Submit message and review response

After specifying the required input message, it is time to submit your message to the queue. Just tap/click on Submit message. The results of your request are displayed in the Response section. Since this is not a request to a RESTful API call, we do not get response body and response headers but just Service logs data as a response.


Service logs provide detailed information about node executions, execution sequence, duration, and input & output parameters. Reviewing this data can help you identify potential errors or performance bottlenecks in your service designs.