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Watch cloud storage

The Altogic Watcher allows you to monitor and inspect your cloud storage through its user-friendly interface. You can view detailed information about your cloud storage usage data.

Resource usage

From the top panel of the Watcher, please select the cloud storage section to view the resource usage of cloud storage. If you need to refresh data, you can click the refresh button in the right corner.

Cloud Storage Resource Usage
  1. Total Size - Displays your usage size of cloud storage. The total storage size displayed in this column reflects the total amount of storage space used by your application. This includes all the images, documents, and other data you uploaded to your app buckets.
  2. Total Buckets - The total buckets display the number of buckets you have created in your application. A bucket is a logical container for storing data in the cloud and can be used to organize and manage your data.
  3. Total Objects - The total objects enable you to view the total number of objects stored in your buckets.
  4. Average Object Size - The average object size feature allows you to see the average size of all objects stored in your buckets.
  5. Minimum Object Size - The minimum object size feature lets you view the smallest object size among all objects stored in your buckets.
  6. Maximum Object Size - The maximum Object Size feature allows you to view the largest object size among all objects stored in your buckets.