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Watch database

The Altogic Watcher is an effective tool for monitoring and inspecting databases in your system. The tool allows you to view detailed information about your application database.

Resource usage

From the top panel of the Watcher, please select the database section to view the resouce consumption of your app database. If you need to refresh data, you can click the refresh button in the right corner.

Database resource usage
  1. Model - This column displays your model name. In the context of a database, a model refers to the design or structure of the database.
  2. Allocated Size - This column displays your allocated size for the model. The allocated size for a model refers to the amount of storage that has been set aside or allocated specifically for the model.
  3. Storage Size - This column displays your used storage size. The storage size refers to the amount of space that is used to store the data in the database.
  4. Index Size - This column displays your used index size. The index is a data structure that is used to improve the speed and performance of database queries by providing a faster way to locate and retrieve specific data within the database.
  5. Object Count - This column helps you keep track of the number of objects in your database model.
  6. Average Object Size - This column displays your average object size in your model. Also, this column can help you gain insights into the size and structure of your database model.