Create an execution environment and start running your app in seconds

In Altogic, an environment is a space where your application data is stored, managed and your application's RESTful services are executed.

An environment is bound to a geographic location (e.g.,US East, Germany, Singapore). When you create an environment for your app and deploy a snapshot, service requests to that specific app snapshot will be routed only to datacenters in the environment's geographic location.

You can create separate environments for development, test, and production versions of your app.

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Deploy, re-deploy, undeploy your apps with ease

You can deploy/redeploy a snapshot to an environment and, if needed, undeploy it from an environment. You can choose to delete all application data during undeployment or keep the data intact and deploy a newer version of the snapshot to continue using existing data.

With auto-redeployment option enabled, your snapshot changes are automatically redeployed to the deployed environments, excluding the production environment, in near-real time.


Protect your endpoints with API keys, session tokens and access group keys

Each endpoint is protected by default with an API key. Therefore, the external party needs to have a valid API key to call your endpoint services.

Each endpoint can also be protected by a session token. If the endpoint is marked as session required, the calling party also needs to provide a session token besides the API key.

Access groups can also be used to set granular role-based endpoint access rights for individual users.

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Auto-generate API documentation

Altogic automatically generates the RESTful API documentation of your application endpoints for each deployed environment.

The documentation of each endpoint details all required input parameters (e.g., request headers, query string parameters, request body) and security requirements (e.g., API keys, session token, app roles), and provides response body samples.

You can also provide access to 3rd parties by inviting them to view your API documents through email.


Test your application services with a user-friendly interface

With Tester, when you deploy your application to an environment, you can immediately start testing your application services.

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