Build services through drag & drop of nodes and connectors

Altogic is much more than CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations. With Altogic, you can model complex business logic in your services with multiple conditional flow branches, execution loops, database operations, and 3rd party RESTful API calls.

  • Conditional branching and execution of service
  • Synchronization of service flow to wait for execution completion of specific nodes
  • Loops/iterations in your service flow where the flow iterates until a certain condition happens
  • Expressions & functions to set the parameters of your service nodes
  • Multiple database operations in a single service flow and support for database transactions
  • Fully customized request return values; return either nothing, a single object, a list of objects, or any number of named objects or object lists
  • Complete control over error handling for each node and choose whether Altogic automatically handles errors or not
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Utilize a rich set of built-in core nodes

You can use Altogic's 50+ core nodes in your service designs and create your custom RESTFul API nodes.

  • You can use cache nodes to store data in high-speed data storage layer to increase data retrieval performance by reducing the need to access the underlying slower storage layer.
  • Database nodes provide all the basic CRUD operations and allow paginating and iterating over data and executing database transactions.
  • With email nodes, you can use your SMTP server to send emails and attach files to your emails.
  • You can use file nodes to manage your files (documents, images etc.) in Altogic's cloud infrastructure. With these nodes, you can upload, download, rename, replace, or duplicate files.
  • With list nodes, you can filter, sort, merge list (array) of objects, and pick specific objects from a list.
  • You can use logical nodes to conditionally branch or synchronize execution of your service flow.
  • With session nodes, you can manage the session tokens of your users.


Use any public RESTFul API in your service designs

Through Altogic's nodes marketplace, you can use nodes from 3rd parties (Twilio, SendGrid, MailChimp, Google, etc.) in your services.

You can create your own custom RESTful API nodes and use them in your application services. Additionally, you can also submit your custom nodes to the marketplace so that other Altogic platform users can use them.

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Use expressions & functions to set node parameters

Altogic uses intuitive and easy-to-use expressions to set the parameters of your service nodes.

In Altogic, you use the same expression syntax to query your data; in other words, you do not need to learn a separate data querying language (e.g., SQL).

If you know how to write a formula in Excel, you have all the essential know-how to write expressions and data queries in Altogic.

Altogic provides 140+ built-in functions that you can use in your expressions and data queries.


Submit messages to a queue for asynchronous processing

With Altogic, you can create message queues and route messages sent to the message queues to their respective asynchronous service for processing.

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Schedule jobs that run periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals

In Altogic, you can create tasks that run periodically to automate maintenance, administration, and repetitive jobs. Tasks help send periodic emails, generate documents, perform bulk updates in the database, etc.

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