Collaboratively develop your applications with your team members

In Altogic, you can add team members with different authorization levels to your apps and work on apps simultaneously from multiple locations.

Users view and edit the app data in real-time — instantly seeing edits made by other team members.

Illustration of team collaboration
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Restrict access to specific views and actions to authorized team members only

With role-based access control, you can define roles and permissions for each team member.

Team members are assigned particular roles, and through these role assignments, they can or cannot perform certain actions.


Granularly define who can view or do what

Each role has a predefined number of permissions that grant or restrict access to specific views or actions.

Permissions also have a hierarchy, meaning if top-level permission is disabled, child permissions cannot be enabled.

Illustration of team collaboration
Illustration of a developer with efficient


Get notified about the actions of your team members

Actions performed by your team members are automatically informed to other team members in real-time.

You can control the notification messages and easily turn on/off specific channels.


Keep granular track of team member activities

Altogic keeps detailed audit trails (activity logs), a chronological set of records that provide information about the sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific design element.

You can also filter activity logs by team member, action type, and action date-time.

Illustration of team collaboration

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