Manage your app data centerally
from a single interface

With Navigator, you can view and manage your application data, including the app database, cache keys, and cloud storage buckets and files.

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View and manage your database and objects

You can use the navigator to manage your models, objects, sub-model objects and object lists. With Altogic Navigator, you are able to view and filter your data and perform CRUD operations.

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Update and view cache keys and set expiration duration

You can cache frequently accessed app data, add expiration date to cache keys and update existing cached data. With caching you canΒ increase data retrieval performance by reducing the need to access the underlying slower storage layer.


Manage cloud storage buckets and files

You can use Navigator to organize your cloud storage buckets and files and control access to your data. With the rich features of Altogic Navigator you can upload, copy, move, rename, duplicate, replace and remove the files from buckets.

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