Test your application services in realtime with ease

With Tester, you can immediately start testing your application services. With auto-redeployment, your app design changes are reflected to Tester in milliseconds.

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Test your endpoints, message queues and cron-jobs

You can use the tester to test your endpoints, message queues, cron-jobs. With Altogic Tester, you are able to start with default values of your service design.

Test your endpoints, message queues and cron jobs with Altogic Tester
Service logs in Altogic Tester


Debug your application services through app service logs

Service logs provide detailed information about node executions, execution sequence, duration, and input & output parameters. Reviewing this data can help you identify potential errors or performance bottlenecks in your service designs.

Keep your apps synchronized

Model, endpoint, message queue and cron job changes in Altogic Designer are automatically synchronized to your non-production environments in milliseconds, significantly improving your testing experience.

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