Inspect and monitor your app performance with a powerful interface

Watcher is a powerful and user-friendly monitoring solution that allows developers to keep a close eye on application performance, capacity consumption, and logs.

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Inspect and monitor endpoints

View request and response pair for each endpoint, including the method, status, and response time. Identify any suspicious activity, troubleshoot issues, and understand how users are interacting with your applications.

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Filter endpoints and inspect requests

Easily filter your endpoint logs by name, method, status, response time, and client. Utilize timestamp filters and add custom filters as needed to quickly locate a specific request and inspect it in detail. Drill down into data and investigate your app's performance. Multiple filters can be combined together to create a custom view


View and monitor database usage

Altogic Watcher offers a comprehensive monitoring solution for your database, allowing you to analyze database usage, performance, and capacity consumption in real-time.

You can simply view the database usage of your models and take action to optimize it.

Stay informed about your database's consumption and performance to optimize its efficiency.

View and monitor database allocation
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Monitor your storage usage

Quickly get an overview of the capacity consumption of your cloud storage, including the total size, buckets, objects, and min/max/avg object size.


Inspect and monitor message queues

With Watcher, you have the power to monitor and analyze all of your messaging queues in real-time. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate through your queues, so you can quickly identify any bottlenecks or issues that may be impacting your messaging infrastructure. The powerful filtering capabilities allow you to drill down and find the exact message queue you're looking for, making it easy to troubleshoot and resolve any problems that may arise. Altogic Watcher provides the ability to view performance charts over time, and detailed logs of each message queue giving you a comprehensive understanding of the overall health of your message queues. This way, you can identify and track any trends or patterns that may impact the performance and efficiency of your messaging queues.

View and monitor database allocation
Service logs in Altogic Tester


Inspect and monitor scheduled tasks

Easily monitor and inspect scheduled tasks of your application. With the Watcher, you can view detailed information about the status and performance of your scheduled tasks. You can view the performance charts over the time, and detailed logs of each scheduled task, giving you a complete picture of the health and performance of your cron jobs. Altogic Watcher is the perfect solution for any organization that relies on scheduled tasks for critical business operations. It provides the visibility and control you need to optimize your application and ensure that your business stays up and running.